🇹🇷 2006 yılından beri sro camiasında oyuncu olarak oynuyorum. İlk projemizi sizlere sunmaktan büyük keyif alıyoruz, eğlenceli ve keyifli bir server olabilmek için en önemli noktamız güveninizi kazanmaktır. İleriye dönük 80-90-100 cap olarak güncellenecek Retrospektif bir projedir, en büyük hedefimiz uzun soluklu bir macera olmak, hadi başlayalım.

Update Announcement [24/07/2022]

-Magic Pop Card deleted NPC (Only Drop Uniques %10)

-The Novice Assistant quest has been changed You can get a SUN seal instead of STAR weapons

-Level quest rewards have been changed as follows

*10Lv (Reverse Return Scroll) 10 unit

*20Lv (Berserker Regeneration Potion) 5 unit

*30Lv (Global Chatting) 3 unit

*40Lv (Vigor Recovery Grain) 50 unit

*50 Lv (Magic Pop Card) 3 unit

*60 Lv (Silk 50) 1 unit

-In Hotan (Special Item Manager NPC) Add new Avatars

*Angel Wing Dress (M) & (F)

*Halloween Dress (M) & (F)

*Devil Wing Dress (M) & (F)

All items mentioned above are non-tradeable

Update Announcement [25/07/2022]

Add Job Level Buff System | Buff Times 8 hours

-You can get the necessary buffs by increasing your job exp.(Trader&Hunter&Thief)

-Job Level 1 | Str&Int 1

-Job Level 2 | Str&Int 2

-Job Level 3 | Str&Int 3 Attack rate %2

-Job Level 4 | Str&Int 4 Attack&Parry Rate %2

-Job Level 5 | Str&Int 5 Attack&Parry Rate %3

-Job Level 6 | Str&Int 6 Attack&Parry Rate %4 Moving Speed %5

-Job Level 7 | Str&Int 7 Attack&Parry Rate %5 Moving Speed %5 Phy&Mag Damage Insrease %1 ​

Update Announcement [26/07/2022]

Dowhang cave edited,Access with job suit is available.

f you go on foot, you will not be able to enter, at the same time, when you exit Dw cave, you will return to the city of Hotan.

Add 58 Lv Togui Elder(Unique) available inside spawn time 4 hours

�� Drops ��

Immoratal [6,7 Degree] [2,3units]

Gift Silk [25]

Magic Pop Card [3,5units]

Reverse [8,10units]

Arena Coin [5unit]

Tiger,Uruchi,Isyutaru magic pop drop rate edited. %10 > %100

Update Announcement [27/07/2022]

Add new HwanTittleScrool In Hotan Special Item Manager (NPC)

12 units TittleScrool have been added, you can buy and use Silk as you wish.

Add UniquesKilledHonorPoint just open Academy

As you kill uniques, you will earn honor points. It will be updated every night at 00:01 and your character will be loaded with your honor buff.

Update Announcement

Job Killed Honor point gift [+1 Honor Point] Daily Limit [15 Point]

Jewel Box rate 1x > Add CFT Killed rewards

Auto Academy open 60Lv

Uniques sun drop items fixed

Stone & Elixir drop rate increased

Thief mobs spawn rate %30 reduced

Add White Knight(Oasis) & Princess Miyene(Spider 1) 60Lv for 4 Hours spawn

Add Consingment Merchant [Stall Network]

NPC Cos items 1m > 100k

Update Announcement

Add skytemple map

Add 7dg moon acc for gold+arenacoin in NPC

Add 7 Days %120 speed

Add magic pop item > devil sprit

Add Survival Arena

Add PVP Arena

Add Silk/Hour