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07 Şubat 2006
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Biraz önce gördüm, tüm işlemlere ekstra %5 iade verecekmis. sanırım yapılan alışveriş tutarı üzerinden degilde kazanılan iade üzerinden %5 ama yinede fena sayılmaz bence.

8 yıl
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9 yıl
Canon Ixus 220hs
hediye olarak bir makine almak istiyorum biraz araştırdıktan sonra Canon Ixus 220hs modelinde karar kıldım.
makine hakkındaki yorumlar gayet iyi olduğu yönünde...
amerika fiyatı 200$ civarında Gold indirim yapmış ve fiyatı 370 lira.

bu fiyata alınabilecek en makul makinelerden biri gibi göründü bana ama tavsiyelere de açığım....
11 yıl
5.1 kanal ev sinema sistem amfi ( Denon AVR 1311)

5+1 ev sinema sistem hoparlör takımı (Denon SYS-391HT)

5 x 110 W ses çıkış gücü

4xHDMI in, 1xHDMI out

HDMI 1.4a

Pro Logic IIx, Dolby True HD, DTS HD Master Audio, 3D, Personal Memory Plus, RDS, Radio Text

100 W gücünde aktif subwoofer

6 Ohm

Fiyatı 1199 TL

karar veremedim arkadaşlar ne dersiniz fiyat uygunmudur?
13 yıl
selam herkese oncelikle..
son zamanlarda eve iyi bir ses ve goruntu sistemi kurmak icin detaylı araştrımalar yapmaktayım. receiver icin ayirdigim miktar 1000-1500 ytl arasında su an icin aklıma takılan 2 model bunlar baslıktanda belli olacagi gibi SONY STR-DA2400ES ve HARMAN KARDON AVR 255



Engineered for high-end home theatres, the STR-DA2400ES elevated standard (ES) 7.1-channel receiver features sophisticated A/V technology that reproduces the latest audio formats from Dolby® Labs (Dolby Digital +/Dolby TrueHD) and dts® (dts HD/DTS High Resolution Audio). Expand your listening options via the Digital Media Port input and enjoy music on your MP3 player, PC or XM® and Sirius Satellite Radio®. You'll also see the difference with Faroudja DCDi Cinema technology which upscales all your video sources to 1080p when connected through HDMI to a compatible HDTV. Additional features include a 100-watt power amplifier (8 ohms, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 0.09 percent THD), BRAVIA Theatre Sync, an easy-to-use graphical interface and four HDMI inputs that are compatible with 1080 60p/24p, Deep Color and x.v.Color video signals.

Optimized for Blu-ray Disc and Other HD Sources3
The STR-DA2400ES is engineered to be the ideal Blu-ray Disc A/V receiver, fully compatible with Sony family of Blu-ray Disc Players. Superior video switching and audio performance ensure seamless compatibility with today's demanding HD sources. The STR-D2400ES features up to six High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) inputs which are capable of accepting resolutions up to 1080p, offering the full video quality that Blu-ray Disc format can deliver.

Up to 8 channels of Linear PCM audio plus Dolby Labs® (Dolby Digital +/Dolby TrueHD) and dts® (dts HD)
The STR-DA2400ES offers full compatibility with Blu-ray Disc format's linear PCM (uncompressed) output, producing up to eight channels of "high quality" audio reproduction. The STR-DA2400ES also has the ability to support the latest audio formats from Dolby Labs (Dolby Digital Plus/Dolby TrueHD) and dts (dts HD).

HDMI "Active Intelligence" (4/1 Repeater)
The receiver can detect and receive the best possible video and audio signals from all connected devices-making connection and performance as simple as plugging in a single wire. Sony's HDMI "Active Intelligence," produces both audio and video through one HDMI cable.

Faroudja DCDi Cinema Chipset for Up Scaling to 1080p
IC processor developed by Faroudja, and first used by Sony, which will up scale and up convert all video signals (less than 1080p) to 1080p via HDMI1. This chipset corrects image jaggedness; reduces block noise and reproduces true to original colours. The end result is a beautiful and smooth High Definition image.

Xross Media Bar Inspired Graphic User Interface
An on-screen menu system that simplifies the most complex operations of an A/V receiver for home theatre applications. This advanced menu system incorporates icons, an easy to follow "tree" system and a blending technique so users know exactly where they are amongst the various settings while still watching their main video source (up to 1080i). Enhancements made to this year's menu include access to Digital Media Port accessories, the ability to assign HDMI inputs and independent A/V Sync control for each input. It's simple. Just pick up the remote and whole new experience will be revealed.

HDMI Upscaling1
Video sources connected via composite, S-video and component cables can not only be up converted to a HDMI video output but can also be up scaled from its native signal to 1080p (i.e. 480i to 1080p) thus minimizing the number of connections needed from the receiver to the television Display. HDMI supports resolutions up to 1080p and enables both HD video and uncompressed streaming audio to be transmitted through a single cable.

HDMI Output with 720P/1080i and 1080p upscaling of DVD Media4: Reads the data on a standard DVD at 480P and maximizes the video Resolution to best fit your HDMI compatible TV. The STR-DA2400ES takes it a step further and allows for DVD Media to be upscaled to 1080p. Overall, this allows for you to enjoy the best in video performance while delivering Digital video and audio over one simple cable.

Digital Cinema Auto Calibration
An ideal listening experience is only a button away. Simply place the included microphone in your listening position, push a single button and speaker position, distance and delays are automatically calibrated. Sony's Digital Signal Processing uses feedback between the microphone and receiver to optimize sound settings.

Sirius and XM Connect-and-Play™ Ready4 with Neural Surround
A world of digital radio at your fingertips. Connect the optional antenna for either Sirius and/or XM subscription service and enjoy the variety and quality of digital radio with the superior sound quality of an A/V receiver. In addition to stereo, you can enjoy 5.1 surround broadcasting. XM radio and Sirius are satellite radio services that provide pay-for-service radio, analogous to cable television.

Night Mode with Dialogue Enhancer
Even when the volume needs to be lower, the STRDA2400ES sounds great. Dialogue is clearer and more balanced when the volume is low so you no longer need to raise and lower the volume during your movie.

Portable Audio Enhancer
The ES 7.1 A/V Receivers are ideal for today's portables. A powerful Digital Signal Processor expands the quality of sound from any connected device. Simplified front-side audio and video connections make it easy to play portables through the receiver.

Other Features:
# 700W Total Output Power
# Auto Preset tuning AM/FM tuner with 90 – station preset

1. Requires HDMI connector and compatible HDTV with equivalent display capability. Image quality may vary.
2. Requires HDMI connector and compatible HDTV with 1080/60p and 24p display capability.
3. HD Source requires HDMI and/or component video connectivity.
4. Requires satellite radio subscription and antenna sold separately. Antenna placement restrictions apply.
5. BRAVIA Sync feature must be in each device for One Touch Control. Please refer to owner's manual.



8 Ohms 20-20kHz: 100W + 100W
8 Ohms 20-20kHz THD: 0.09%
4 Ohms 20-20kHz: 85W + 85W
4 Ohms 20-20kHz THD: 0.15%
8 Ohms 1kHz (L+R): 110W + 110W
8 Ohms 1kHz THD: 0.7%
4 Ohms 1kHz (L+R): 100W + 100W
4 Ohms 1kHz THD: 0.7%
Number of Amp. Channels: 7
Type: Analog
4 Ohm / 8 Ohm Switching: Yes (In Menu)
DSP: Titanium
Equalizer (F/C/Sur/Sur B) Bass,Mid,Treble: B,T / B,T / B,T / B,T
Sub Woofer Crossover: 17 points (40-200Hz)
Analog Direct
Sound Field Link (w/Lock)
Sound Field Program: Movie: 4; Music: 6; A.F.D: 12; 2ch: 1, Headphone: 4
Portable Audio Enhancer
Cinema Studio EX. A/B/C Mode
Night Mode
Speaker Selector: A/B, A+B
Speaker Terminal: Screw (Ni)
Headphone Out: Gold

Front Input: AV (Gold) + Opt
DM Port x 1
Analog Audio In (Inc TV CEC) / Out (excl. tuner) / TV(CEC): 4 / 1 / Yes
A/V In/Out (S-Video I/O): Including Front AV: 5/1 (0/0)
Monitor Out (S-Video Out): 1 (0)
Component Video In/Out (Pass through): 3/1
Phono: MM
Multi-Channel In: 1 (7.1)
Pre-Out: 7.1 (SB: Stereo, SW x 1)
Digital In/Out:
HDMI: 4/1 (Repeater)
Opt. In/Out/TV(CEC) : incl Front input & TV (CEC): 3 / 0 / Yes
Coaxial: 2/0
Digital Input Assign
Decoding Formats:

DTS HD / Dolby TrueHD / Dolby Digital +
LPCM (2CH / 5.1CH / 7.1CH) through HDMI
Dolby Digital / DTS
Dolby Digital EX
DTS 96/24
Dolby Prologic
Dolby Prologic II, Dolby Prologic IIx
Dolby Dual Mono
96k / 24Bit PCM
Neural -THX Surround (225, 227 only)

XM and Sirius Ready
Preset Channel (XM/Sirius/FM/AM): TTL90 (30/30/30/30)
Station Name
Audio Tuning
Direct Tuning (RM)
Video Features:

HDMI Quality:
Deep Color
x.v.Color (xvYCC)
A/V SYNC: Variable
Time (msec): 300
Sampling Frequency: 192kHz
Upscaling: Analog to Component, Analog to HDMI
Video Upconverter (to Component / to HDMI): Yes / Yes
Assignable Video Component In
DCAC (Digital Cinema Auto Calibration):

DCAC: Silver
Band: 6
Mic: Mono
CIS Features:

Video Upscaling / GUI (for Zone 2): Yes (up to 1080i) / Yes
RS-232C for Control: Yes

Panel: Aluminium / ES Basic
Remote Commanders: RMAAP025 (PP)
RMAAU039 (Simple RM)
Display: 10 Digit Dot Matrix
Multi-Channel Decoding Blue LED
GUI Blending (up to Component)
Sleep Timer
Pin Jack: Nickel
Detachable AC
Power Requirement: 120V / 60Hz
Power Standby: 0.7W
Dimensions and Weight:

Dimensions: W 430mm x H 157.5mm x D 388mm
Weight: 12.2 kg


Type : 7.1-Channel AVR
Stereo Power (FTC) / 20Hz – 20kHz, 8 ohms, both channels driven : 66W x 2
Multichannel Power (FTC) / 20Hz – 20kHz, 8 ohms, all channels driven : 50W x 7
Amplifier Type : High-current ±35 amps
THD @ Impedance : 0.07% @ 8 Ohms
Bandwidth : 20Hz – 20kHz
Bandwidth @ 1W (-3dB) : 10Hz – 130kHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (IHF-A) : 100dB
Power Supply : Independent front & rear
Surround Modes : Dolby® Digital Plus
Dolby TrueHD
Dolby Digital EX
Pro Logic® IIx
Dolby Virtual Speaker
DTS-HD Master Audio
DTS® 5.1
DTS-ES® 6.1 Discrete & Matrix
DTS 96/24™
DTS Neo:6®
Logic 7®
Headphone Modes : 2-Channel, Dolby HP
Multizone Capability : Audio
Assignable Rear-Channel Amplifiers : Yes
EzSet : EzSet/EQ™
S-Video/Component Video Inputs : 4
Analog Audio Inputs : 6
Digital Audio Inputs : Rear panel 2/2/0
Front panel 1/1/0
Digital Audio Outputs (Coax/Optical) : Rear panel 1/1
Digital Input Polling : All video inputs
Direct Audio Inputs : 7.1
HDMI™ : 1.3a With audio/video processing
Inputs: 3
Output: 1
Preamp Outputs : 7.1 Channels
Component Video Inputs (Assignable) : 3 @ 100MHz
Bass Management : Quad crossover
On-Screen Display : Yes, on HDMI™ and component
Input Titling : All inputs
DSP Processor : Cirrus® CS 49700
Output DACs : 192kHz/24-bit
Video Processing / Conversion : Faroudja DCDi Cinema®/scaling to 1080p
High-Resolution GUI : Yes
A/V Sync Delay : 80mS
System Remote : 7-Device preprogrammed
IR In/Out Jacks : Yes
Discrete Remote On/Off Codes : Yes
Speaker Terminals : Color-coded binding posts
Dimensions (H x W x D) : 151mm x 440mm x 351mm
Weight : 13.6kg

aletlerin özellikleri bunlardır.. bu konularda pek deneyimli olmadigimida söylemeliyim.. bu sistemi kurarken birincil amacım müzik dinlemek. kayda deger bir muzik arsivim var fakat kayda deger bir muzik sistemim yok. ikincil olarakta dvd ve hd-rip mkv formatlı mediaları izlemek. bu receiverları secmemdeki bir diger bir etkende Faroudja DCDi islemcilerinin bulunması ve upscale yapabilmeleri . fiyatlara gelirsek sony 1300-1400 YTL aralığında bulunabilmekte harman/kardon icin ise türkiyede bir fiyata ulasamadim fakat src elektronikle yaptigim yazisma sonucu yakında gelecekmis ve fiyati yaklasik olarak 1250 USd olacakmis.

simdi arkadaslar bu bilgiler ışığında bana ne gibi tavsiyelerde bulunabilirsiniz..
simdiden tum yorumlarınız ve tavsiyeleriniz icin tesekkur ederim..
14 yıl
merhaba herkese..
son gunlerde lcd bir tv edinme kararı vermemle birlikte bir araştırma ve stres hali hakim oldu bünyemde malum insanın o kadar parayı bir anda bir televizyona verecek olması istemeden de olsa "doğru kararı verip kendim için doğru televizyonu almalıyım" düşüncesiyle beraber bir stres hali sarıp sarmalıyor insanı. ürünleri araştırdıkça da özelliklerin ve inchlerin arasında kayboluyor insan ... herneyse sadede geleyim forumda uzun uzadıya okumalardan sonra onca seçeneği azaltmayı başardım sanırım.
oncelikle 32 yada 37 inch bir tv almaya karar verdim. tv' nin izlenme uzaklığı yaklaşık olarak 3 -4 metre arasında bir uzaklık olacak bu noktada belki 32" belkide ufak bir ekran boyutu olacaktır bu konuda tam emin değilim bu konuda da lütfen görüşlerinizi esirgemeyin arkadaşlar.
full HD bir tvnin ne kadar anlamlı olduğu konusunda da şüpheye düştüm açıkçası okudukça sonuçta ben ps veya xBOX kullanıcısı değilim genelde pc veya laptop monitoru olarak kullanabilirim belki bir yandan tv yi ama genel olarak dvd ve divx birde sd yayınları izlemekte kullanacağım sanırım. tabi pc performansı iyi olursa oyanayacağım oyunlarında artacağına eminim
herneyse genel olarak seceneklerim şöyle
TOSHIBA 42WLT68P LCD TV -,2543.html - 3.900,88 YTL
TOSHIBA 37X3000P LCD TV - - 2.642,02 YTL
SHARP LC-37XD1E LCD TV -,2337.html - 3.795,39 YTL
SHARP LC-32RD2E LCD TV -,2346.html - 3.267,96 YTL
SAMSUNG LE-32M86BD LCD TV -,2419.html - 2.846,01 YT
SAMSUNG LE-37M86BD LCD TV -,2420.html - 3.331,25 YT
TOSHIBA 37X3030D LCD TV -,2583.html - 3.584,42 YTL

tabi bu seçenekler aslında birbirine çok alakasız gibi görünebilir fakat bazılarının FullHD olması, bazılarının 100Hz olması, bazılarının kontrast ve tepki süreleri gibi özellikleri beni cezbetti diyebilirim.

aslında en başta 2600 küsür lira olan toshibada karar kılmıştım fakat okudukça 300 daha veriyim teknoloji değişirse geri kalmiyim, 3000 vermişken 3500 de verilebilir... 3500 vermişken bari 4000 e kadar çıkıyımda 42"mi alsam acaba gibi sorular kafamda uçuşmaya başladı
sonuç olarak görüşlerinize gerçekten ihtiyacım var tam anlamıyla kaybolmuş durumdayım
şimdiden vaktini harcayıpta yorum yapacak arkadaşlara teşekkürler.....

DH Mobil uygulaması ile devam edin.
Mobil tarayıcınız ile mümkün olanların yanı sıra, birçok yeni ve faydalı özelliğe erişin.
Gizle ve güncelleme çıkana kadar tekrar gösterme.